How Valuable Are You

I was watching a video on You Tube by a music industry professional. The industry professional has created a number of videos on getting signed etc. While watching the videos he clearly laid out the real reason for artist not being sought after inside the music business. He stated that most artist don’t have value.  How valuable are you to the music industry is a thought provoking video that makes one take a good look at you and the work you are doing inside the business. He questionnaires allowed you rate and asses your value taking a test. For example, are you easy to work with, are you able to work under time constraints, and attitude etc. The questions were a great overview of ones self and it allowed you to see your perceived value to others.
The question is how valuable are you to the music industry and do you have a brand that will draw money on your name alone. The gentlemen on the video spoke about how record companies look at there bottom line to see which artist have value to the company, and are you making money for them which indicates you are a keeper on the roster. I think if the truth was told the only thing no one really cares about is your talent until you can make money for someone else and that’s the real truth. Value is the term and branding is the process that will allow you to ask for what your worth and get paid what you deserve. Attention all “artist” ask yourself what is your value to the Music Industry. If you can’t answer that question then you are not valuable to anyone but you.

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