Who Killed The Black Entrepreneur

“Who Killed The Black Entrepreneur” is a lecture series whose mission is to educate, transform, and redirect the thinking of the Black Entrepreneur in North America about the atrocities of the Black Entrepreneur from the 15th century to the present, through lectures, seminars, and workshops to help stop the failure of Black Entrepreneurship on a domestic and global scale.

How To Become A Master Marketer

Becoming a Master Marketer takes practice and patience, in this lecture will talk about how to build a presence online and become an authority in any niche. Marketing will never die and neither will selling your products and services. Learn how to master the art of marketing in this lecture!

How To Build A Brand that Counts

Branding is what keeps you coming back for more. Products like Nike, Coke, Mercedes Benz etc. keep you locked into what their selling. Branding a process that makes all this  happen. to build your brand requires certain actions and knowledge. This lecture will discuss things you can do to Build a Brand that counts

Why Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz Marketing are Not The Same Thing

In this lecture we discuss the difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz Marketing,  and which one works best or are they compatible. Also, we discuss strategies, and tactics that can help you use Guerrilla Marketing and Buzz Marketing to your advantage.

How to Find Your Voice In A Noisy World

The world is filled with copycats and followers. How do you find your place in a world where you are being bombarded with millions of advertising messages daily? Finding your voice in a noisy world is key to you standing out and being competitive in the marketplace.  In this lecture we look at ways to be a disruptor and earn your place among top brands in the marketplace.


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