Ten Lessons I Learned From Working For A Large Corporation

Working in a big company comes with its own set of perks. Some people say that large companies are dull and boring and they are not as fun as the smart startups. It is okay not to have the intention of working in a large corporation for long-term, but if you want to grow professionally, don’t miss the chance of working in one.
When you enter in a large company, you are taking part in a machine, which has been in business for a long time. They will show you an established way of doing things. The moment you walk in the company’s premises, you are shown what your job is and how you will fit into the department. Furthermore, over time, you will be learning all the palpable pathways for promotion. These large corporations have great templates already in place, so if you are looking for a job that offers you stability, this is exactly where you are supposed to be.
From my experience of working for a major corporation, here are some of the things I have learned that I couldn’t possibly have figured out on my own.

Your mind is your Strongest Asset

According to Albert Einstein, a mediocre mind cannot understand the man who refused to blindly bow to the conventional prejudices. Instead, he chooses to express his opinion courageously and honestly. If you really want to become an expert in your job, you have to feed the right stuff in your brain. It is actually like a glass which gives you the reflection of whatever you feed it with.

Repetition is the Key

Yes, repetition is the key to success. It helps you create habits that you desire and if you are consistent in your efforts, you will propel. You can master your job with repetition. It is way different from a routine which makes things boring. Repetition lets you make new ways of being reflexive.

Keeping Check on the Client Interactions

When you have got a customer or some potential client, it is necessary to keep check on every interaction such as the date you talked to him, what you talked about and when you need to follow up again. The most overlooked thing in working in a corporation is sometimes the growing of the contacts. In big corporations, they always make sure that they have got record of every client dealt with. Making excel sheets and putting all client records on it like time of chat, topic and everything related to make sure you do not lose anything.

The Same Correct Behavior will Yield the Same Correct Results

Follow the right behavior and you will see the right results as large corporations often have a straightforward way of doing things.

Assign Tricky Situations to Your Best Workers

Every team has got one person that just has to do the job perfectly. Pick that person and assign him with the task that you think will challenge them. Once they take the task as a challenge, they will come up with the best results possible.

Consistent Production= Stable Earnings

Consistent production followed over an extended period of time allows you to grow your income even if you have a small amount of capital and cash flow.

Focusing on the Customer Experience

When you interact with your customers, you get to know what areas of your services you need to work on. Learning the interaction of customers it is easy to recognize the part that is important and where less effort is being made. Focusing on the utmost is paying attention to what the customers want and this is one of the things I learnt from working in a corporation with a big reputation.

Small Is the New Big

You have to do a little bit each day to see big results. These minor daily decisions are the gateway to bring change in both personal and professional life overtime.

Replacing Calls with Meetings

Whether it is about working on a project or you want to check in the progress of the work, it is always best to meet the person face to face. Not everything can be handled on phone calls or skype sessions. If you want to accomplish your goals successfully and in the best possible way then always prefer meetings and discuss every detail.

The Major Lesson

The journey to unloading a 32 foot truck with over 1000 boxes and bags is to unload one box at a time. In short, doing one thing at a time and sticking with it will help you unload your own 32 foot truck a.k.a your own endeavors.
You have to experience it to understand it all. I would recommend never to miss the opportunity of working in a large corporation. It can change you and your expectations from career big time. So, it won’t kill you if you try to fit in the large buildings and learn how they work!

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