The New Digital Music Era

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This how to guide and self help book is an updated version from a previous book called  The Music Business System 101. In this new edition, we delve deep into how one should move as an indie inside the new digital economy. In this new book we will discuss topics like …

1. How to use social media to build relationships 2. How to assess what digital platforms that will help you promote, market, and sale your music 3. The name of some music digital platforms 4. Places indie artist can sale their digital music.

This is the solution to your independence and wining


This book is a how-to guide for indie artist who are trying to navigate their way through the digital music scene in a global economy. The music industry is even more harder to win in than ever before.

The music industry is not a friendly place. Many indie artist turned up loss, confused, and abused trying to get a deal in the industry. Digital music is now a staple in the music business. There isn’t a place where you can’t stream or download some form of music.

Understanding The System in The New Digital Music Era is the cure to all the madness.


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