4 keys to Making Big Money Online

Key 1 – Model Success

If you want to make Big money fast! Do not innovate. Do not try to reinvent the wheel! Find leaders in your industry and then go model them.

Step 1
Find the top people in your niche and find out what their funnels look like

Step 2
Start modeling the most successful funnels

Step 3
Start split testing and improving upon the process…Do this after you start making money

Key 2 – How to Clone and improve on their success with in 10 min.

Advance software allows you to create full funnels within minutes.
You can use software companies like (click funnels, lead pages, un bounce) to create funnels
In minutes.

Key 3 – Master the art of preselling that guarantees high conversion and big sales online

Presale sequence – builds up a story talks about self. Get people to buy into story then you pitch drive traffic into presale page or ad that builds a story and review the product before you send them to actual offer

Key 4- How to get an unlimited stream of the highest quality buyer’s leads and customers

The number 1 source for converting sales Facebook

Image and How you write the ad helps to get conversion

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