Walking Is the Answer

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Walking may be the answer to your problems. How much exercise do you get a week? You should be getting 30 minutes a day experts say, but most of us really don’t get that much time in. I suggest you go walking  in your neighborhood, and get in some form of exercise at least twice a week. Doctors say walking is a great way to feed your brain the blood and oxygen it needs to perform better.

Exercising can do a lot for people who do it regularly. The body needs to sweat and walking is a great way to do that, in most cases.  Dick Gregory, speaker and author, who once weighed three hundred pounds, believed walking was the answer to a lot of people’s overweight issues.

Also, people leave out the importance of drinking water with their work out routine. 2021 brought a lot of stress to people’s lives, but a lot of people didn’t take the initiative to reevaluate their health. Mental Health and physical health security will be of the up most importance in 2022 and walking should be a big part of that lifestyle. Walking definitely can improve your health. The different styles of walking like Power Walking has a lot of people falling in love with the concept of speed walking while burning calories and getting  in shape.

Types of Walking

  1. Power Walking – workout done at quick pace and uses quick arm movements to build endurance
  2. Chi Walking – mediation walking used to calm the mind and get in touch with surrounds
  3. Brisk Walking – walking very fast paced getting a 100 steps or more within a minute of time
  4. Marathon Walking – walking at a steady pace for a long period of time for upwards to 3 hours or more
  5. Stroll Walking – taking a daily walk to gain health benefits


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